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Why blog?

on November 23, 2006

Is a question I have asked myself a few times since I started this and for me the answer is – it's therapeutic.  I started this after being encouraged by friends who were bloggers and I quite like it really.  It's a nice way to catch up with what folk are doing but at a time that suits everyone.  I like the diversity of different blogs and posting on someone's blog is a nice way to give a supporting word or a cyber hug, which is what we all need sometimes.

I have one friend whose blog is all about what a rough time she is having with things just now, one who is having the time of her life and a few who are in between.  I am at the in between stage too but getting more towards the time of my life stage, something I never thought would happen to me.

My boss finally spoke to me about my leaving today, I have put her huff down to the fact she doesn't want to lose me, lol.  I am now staying at my current school till the end of term then break for the festive hols and start my new post in January. 

I also had a call from my new boss today to offer me an additional day and half in a P1-3 composite class of 13.  The extra job seems like a dream and I have accepted on the proviso that its only for a short time and if she doesn't need me at all then even better.  The thought of not working full time is way too appealing to turn down.

At school I am making cards with the children to sell at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday and they have turned out well, even if I say it myself.  It's mainly thanks to the trusty sizzix machine becuase the kids can use it and not really go wrong.  The only downside is they have decided to use the sizzix santa and I thought it would be nice to cut it from red and white and glue them together for a more festive look.  Trouble is I have to do all the cutting as their scissor skills are not quite up to it yet!  Not one of my brightest ideas.   

Next year I won't be responsible for making cards and pressies as I won't have a specific class but I am sure I will not be turned down if I decide to go in on a voluntary basis to help out, lol.  Just remind me of this when I am covered in glitter and swearing that if I never make another card it will be too soon, lol.  Take care and happy blogging xxx

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