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Welcome back …

on November 19, 2006

… to my long lost mojo!!!!!

First though I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has wished me well with the new job and passed on their congratulations.  It is nice to be so well thought of by such lovely people.

I didn't get to Roz's yesterday, much to my disgust, as my poor car is still broken.  When I finally got the garage on Friday they were very off hand and said they hoped it would be fixed for Monday.  They can't give me

a courtesy car as you have to book them a week in advance.  Well if I had known my car would be broken I would have!  Road rage without a vehicle, lol.  I think it was the offhand way they dealt with me, as though not having a car wasn't a problem, that annoyed me so much.  What's worse they never even apologised either for the very poor service I was getting or the fact that the car I bought from them only a week before was now unfit to be driven!  Grrrr.

I did have a nice suprise on Friday though, my daughter and grandaughter came to visit.  I usually go and visit my kids because although they don't live that far away it is usually a case of having to get two buses from there to here.  I hadn't managed to visit last week at all with the interview and stuff so it was really nice to see them. 

Katy will be 2 in a few weeks and the time has flown past.  She is now at the stage where she doesn't like getting her picture taken, as this second pic shows, lol. Shortly before they left my youngest son appeared too so it was a lovely end to a frustrating day.

To get back to me – my mojo has finally come back, hooray!!!!!  Recently I have barely scrapped outside of a crop unless it was as a gift or for a specific thing like the UKS team challenge.  I have spent way too long faffing about on my computer but just haven't been able to create which has been seriously frustrating.  Thursday night I was restless and Gordon was upstairs working on his PC, there was nothing on tv worth watching and I was – dare I say it – bored!  Shock,horror, gasp.  I pulled out my many photos and some paper and sat looking at them, as I have done many times recently.  I then had a peek at the Pencil Lines blog and suddenly that was it and off I went.  I

thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt so relaxed at the end.  Initially the page was flat and needed something so on Friday I added the buttons, which just lift it.  Since then I have completed 2 more pages and am about to start another.  I think I will use the 'Open Wide' page as the pre crop challenge on UKS as it has hidden journalling, it's also made with the leftovers from a class at the recent retreat, excellent value for money.

The page titled 'Green Fingers' shows Katy after she discovered a bottle of green food colouring in the cupboard while her mum was in the loo.  It was days before her hands were clean again, but she was quite proud of her green fingers while she had them and ran about the house making roaring noises and being a monster.  For a child who can look so angelic the monster side is never too far away, lol.  She is nothing if not single minded and determined.  Now I wonder who she might have inherited that from, lol. 

I placed some of the letters backwards as I thought that it added to the quirkiness of the page.  On second thoughts I may use this pic for the pre crop thing as the journalling is more carefully hidden in this one.

I am now starting to catch up on all the cc stuff and am looking forward to it.  I enjoy the manicness of it all and hopefully it will keep me on the creative path.  Take care xx

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