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A happy dance …

on November 17, 2006

… is what I was doing round the room last night, listen carefully and I will tell all, lol.

As a result of my recent illness I decided I needed to make a few changes in my life in order to drop my stress levels.  I have been looking out for a part time teaching job as I felt less work = less stress.  Last Thursday I finally completed an application form for such a job and off it went.  On Tuesday night the phone rang and I assumed it was Gordon, as he was away for a few days.  I was in the middle of something and answered in a very off hand way.  It was the head teacher of the school I had applied to asking me to come for an interview  the following day, which was yesterday. 

I instantly felt ill with nerves but somehow got through the day including seeing a parent who couldn't make the appointment the week before.  I was ultra early and arrived half drowned and fighting with a brolly, not a good first impression.  Anyway the interview progressed and I really thought I had made a mess of it.  I left feeling very good about the school but very downhearted about how I had done.

I got home to a parcel of clothes I had ordered from the net the previous week and, as I couldn't settle to anything, decided to have a wee fashion show in my new glad rags.  Just as I was half in and half out of a rather fluffy jumper, the phone rang!  I fought my way to freedom and answered it, to be offered the post!  I spent the next ten minutes running about half naked (not a pretty sight!) trying to get pen and paper so my current boss could phone my new boss to arrange the hand over. Sadly my current boss was less than impressed that I would be leaving, which took the edge of it a bit.

I am so pleased.  My new job is three days a week, Monday – Wednesday, and is a support for learning post.  This means working alongside other teachers to help children who are having difficulties in one or more areas of the curriculum.  I am supposed to start just before the Christmas holidays but I know my new boss would like me to start even sooner.  I await the results of the negotiations with anticipation but my current boss has been out of school all day so I have no idea what the outcome might be.

Apart from that all is ok.  My new car has a problem as the cable for the power steering is burst, so it is off to the garage tomorrow to hopefully get fixed.  Despite only being a driver for about 2 years I can't believe how car dependent I have become.   I really need it back as I am hoping to go to Roz's on Saturday for a mini crop and I can't go if I have no car.  Seeing as that is the only cloud on the horizon at the moment I feel quite content.

I am so looking forward to having more me time to craft or spend time with my children and grandchildren, I could happily transfer schools now, lol.  Still I will keep you posted, take care x

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