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A cautionary tale

on November 11, 2006

This will make you smile, especially if you have children.  Recently the P7 class have been working on the drug education section of the health programme which, for them, includes the use of alcohol and tobacco.  The programme itself promotes personal safety and responsibility but often throws up a few surprises, especially for the teachers.  One of the pupils joyfully regaled the class with a tale of a rather drunken party at his house the previous weekend when his parents and a few other couples from the village played a game which had forfeits for the losing side.  The game was played as females against males and the forfeit was to bounce on the large trampoline in the garden naked.  The men lost the game and initially, refused to do the forfeit.  After a further quantity of alcohol was consumed one of the men decided to go for it, stripped off in the house and out he went.  The others swiftly followed and one dad, trying to outdo the others, in the way that men sometimes do, decided to do a back flip. Sadly he missed and ended up face down with quite a force, at which point they decided to return to the house and get dressed.  Now apparently the women were to do the same forfeit had they lost, but as it is early November, I don't think they would have done it due to the cold.

Anyway the point of relating this tale is this – last night was parents night at school and I teach two of the children whose parents were involved, including the first brave soul to bare his all on the trampoline.  It was quite difficult to sit and talk seriously about their children's progress when my head was full of visions of them bouncing naked on a trampoline! 

For those of you with children, please be aware that there are few secrets when you have children, luckily this one wasn't written in the child's news book, as many of them are.  Please be very respectful when you attend parents meetings as you do not know what the person you are talking to actually knows about you, hee, hee.

As a teacher these nights are very tiring.  I spent 3 nights making notes about the children, then talked to parents from 3.30 till 8.30 with a short break for food in between.  This is after a days work and you still have all the children's work to check and correct.  Between that a two other teachery type things I have had to do I haven't had time to turn round this past week.  Sadly I still have an intense piece of work to do, I just have to find the time and motivation to do it! 

Apart from the cj I did the other day I haven't touched paper and glue since the retreat, in fact until today I hadn't even put away some of the stuff I had packed to take with me, which is not like me at all.  Tomorrow Gordon and I are going to Glasgow shopping and then on Sunday he is off on a course till Wednesday night.  I am taking my daughter and grandaughter shopping in Livingston Sunday afternoon and then I am bolting the door and having some work free 'me' time, till Monday rolls round again and it's back to work.

I need to get my feet cleared in time for the next UKS cyber crop, a whole weekend of crafting, yippeeee!  The only thing is the school Christmas Fayre is on on the Saturday morning and attendance is compulsory so that will eat into it but apart from that I am barricading the craft room door for the duration, lol.  Take care xx

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