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First love

on November 7, 2006

First of all thanks to those who shared a sympathetic moment with me re my disastrous weekend, I am glad to have given you food for thought, even if it was how many tena pads will I need before I get to the end, lol! 

   Seriously though, somewhere in amongst all the chaos I lost part of me that has been wound up so tight it's a wonder I hadn't exploded and for that I am grateful.

I have just noticed that the text on this entry has changed part way through but I am way too tired to sort it out.  Take it as further proof that things are not always 'normal' around here, not even close most days.

On a lighter note I finally finished the cj I was due to post this morning and I thought I would share a bit of it with you.  The overall theme is Childhood Memories and this particular journal was first love.  Now this initially took a bit of thought but it was one of those things that, once started brought the memories rolling back.  From the age of fourteen I thought I was in 'love' with David Cassidy.  This crush lasted just over a year till my allegiance changed, almost overnight, to David Bowie.  No change there then, lol. 

I can still sing the words to way too many DC songs and was thrilled to find this pic of the cover of my fisrt ever album.

Just looking at those chocolate brown eyes brought back so many images of my teenage years, many of which are perhaps best left forgotten.  Suffice to say I had fun completing this cj and I may just have to have a mooch round the music download sites for a DC song, probably 'could it be forever' or 'Cherish'.  I wonder if they will be the same?

I am now away to bed with a book as I have been awake since 4 am and am knackered.  Don't know why I was awake then but I am not doing so well at sleeping past the 4am 4.30 am mark these days, more's the pity.  Tonight, or tomorrow morning, is not likely to be any better as I am on a course tomorrow afternoon and my boss is covering my class so I have to be super organised and efficient, or at least look as though I am.  On that happy note I bid you good night, take care x 

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