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Happy Campers

on November 6, 2006

There is a saying in my family that goes like this – If it wasn't for bad luck, we would have no luck! Sometimes it seems all too true.  The following story is real and did actually happen, it will either bore you to tears or make you smile and think "I'm glad it didn't happen to me" – you have been warned,lol. 

It all started on Friday, we had planned to go to the caravan as soon as I got home, which should have been about half three.  First of all the meeting I was in ran over and then the journey home, which normally takes about 10 minutes took 40, as I was stuck behind the world's most hesitant learner driver.  I am very tolerant of nervous drivers because I haven't been driving very long and took ages to pass my test because of my nerves, but this girl took the biscuit.  I sat behind her for 13 minutes while she decided when it was a good time to turn left at a roundabout, most of which time it was completely empty. 

The result was we stayed home Friday night with the intention of leaving very early Saturday instead. We did pack the car on Friday though, only to discover that much of what we had planned to take wouldn't actually fit in the car.  Now this should have given me a clue as to the kind of weekend that lay ahead but I was trying hard to be positive and ignored it.  Anyway, I drove my lovely new car to Tummel Valley, which is about 16 miles north east of Pitlochry, down a very windy, narrow road.  We arrived at the park to be told there was a slight problem with the keys as the lady who had them was still in bed. After a short time, she was a very quick dresser, we got our keys and off we went.  Now the caravan has 2 doors and we had 6 keys and were told they fit both doors as the locks are the same.  We got to the caravan, after a few detours because Gordon decided the right way was actually the wrong way, as only a man can do, lol.  I excitedly put the key in the lock and turned and …. nothing!  The door didn't open, the key was stuck in the lock and I was a tad annoyed.  Luckily the other door worked fine and in we went to unpack and relax in our new caravan. Well, that was the general idea!

Gordon sorted the heating and turned on the water while I unpacked and made up the bed, not.  I assumed it was a double bed and had brought DB bedding.  Unfortunately it was a queen size bed and the duvet Gordon picked up was a king size so nothing fitted properly.  We managed to get the sheet almost on three corners of the bed but it was a fitted sheet and would just not stretch the extra six inches.  We slept on a very uncomfortable base under a yucky feeling duvet with no cover.  I was quite hapy to use the cover as a sheet but Gordon insisted I return it to the shop as it was a waste of money otherwise.  He makes the tales of the Scots being mean seem impossible at times!

Once we had unpacked we discovered that many of the things we needed were in the box we left at home because it wouldn't fit in the car.  Small things like a tin opener for all the tinned food we had brought with us.  My beloved OH decided he was having soup for his lunch anyway and attacked the can with such gusto it exploded – all over me!  I stood with oxtail soup (which I hate) dripping off my hair while he peed himself laughing!  I then braved the shower which alternated between red hot and freezing – I came out looking like a lobster with goosebumps. 

By this time I was not in the most cheery of moods, as you can imagine, so we decided to go to the onsite bar for a drink, only to find it was closed in preparation for the owners end of season party that evening.  On returning to the van I decided to play with my craft robo – only to find it too had been left at home!  I had at least remembered my lap top so played with the software and then did some of the other work I needed to do. Meanwhile Gordon took the door lock apart as it was the only way to get the key out, luckily he was able to put it back together again as well, with no little parts left over, which is more than I could have done.  Eventually we took ourselves off to bed. Only to be woken at 1am with what sounded like the war of the worlds going on outside.  It was the end of party fireworks but as the park is in a deep valley all noise echoes so it sounded much worse than it actually was.  So there we sat watching the fireworks and hoping for a long lie in the morning.

Sunday dawned cold and very windy and also a lot wetter than we anticipated.  It wasn't raining, we had a leaky boiler which had soaked the floor and furniture in both the lounge and small bedroom of the caravan!  We had to turn the water off to stop it getting worse and wait till 9am till the maintenance people started work.  By 11am two rooms in the van had been completely stripped of furniture while the nice maintenance man sucked all the water out with his very noisy machine.  He only had to empty it twice!  We were then able to put the water back on, wash the dishes and pack up to leave.  The good thing is we can both laugh about it, and say a silent wish for a less eventful visit when the park reopens in March 2007! 

Anyway the good bit is I got to come home and play with my robo machine, which I am in love with.  I am now away to do a cj which is due posted tomorrow and a few other bits I should have already done.  Before I leave you I just want to say – the first two pictures are from the windows of the caravan and the third is looking out over the river Garry on the way home, just at the start of the windy road to Tummel Valley, my own little piece of heaven, even if it's wetter than it should be, lol.  Take care x

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