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Too much of a good thing?

on November 2, 2006

Is what I think I'm suffering from at the moment!  Since the sale of the house went through last week things have been hectic here.  So much so that my fabby craft robo arrived yesterday and I haven't even managed to switch it on yet! 

I am way too tired to do anything with it tonight but hopefully tomorrow and my first task is …. to cut a title for this fab lo which I did in one of Anna's classes at the Luxurious Angels retreat. 

When I first saw the paper I was stunned and very nervous, but once the whole page came together I loved it.  It has certainly made me feel a whole lot better about using some of the 'scarier' papers that are available, lol.

Another of the classes I did and absolutely loved was one of Kirty's using the new BG Lily Kate.  I added a few touches of my own nd  I just love the whole thing.   This paper is quite fitting as the picture is of my youngest grandaughter Katy.  Needless to say I just had

to buy a full pack  of this scrummy paper for other lo's of her.  My head is still in a whirl from the weekend and I have to say, if you haven't been to a retreat before then go, you will have a brilliant time.

I am almost unpacked and tidied but not quite as other stuff keeps getting in the way, which is a bummer.

I collected my new car tonight and drove it very carefully home.  By the time I got here I was completely stressed, poor Gordon.  He was sitting beside me trying to be helpful and I was snapping his head off and making all sorts of stupid mistakes!  Once we got home I went off on my own for a wee drive and feel a bit more confident with it now.  It's just so much bigger than my other car, sort of like a luxury liner compared to a wee trawler, lol.  I will miss my wee blue car as it was my first ever.  It has been just over 2 years since I passed my

driving test but it sometimes seems much longer.  I look back and wonder how I ever managed without being able to drive, especially when the kids were young. 

Anyway, I will leave you with this lo from my BOM, the partner to the 'happy' page from and earlier post.  It uses a technique I have wanted to try for ages and I am quite pleased with it.  I scanned it though and so it's a bit chopped but the light is too bad to take a piccy.  Hope you like it.

I am away to my bed to dream of caravans and cars and hope that my whirlwind life of new things and experiences calms down soon as I keep pinching myself to see if it's real – and it bl**dy hurts!!!!  On that note I bid you farewell and take care, xx

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