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I can be happy!

on October 31, 2006

I think this was the title of a song by a band called Altered Images but it is very apt at the moment.  Apart from the fact that I feel very stressed at work life is really good.  I had a fantastic time at the retreat- thanks again to Angela and Roz, I met loads of brilliant people and I took part in some amazing classes – thanks to Roz, Kirsty and Anna.  It is a very long time since I went to bed the day after I got up but I managed it twice over the weekend and am now very tired, lol. 

I left early as I was absolutely exhausted and had my gorgeous grandaughters halloween party to go to.

The girls had great fun and Michelle had done a brilliant job of decorating her flat for the occasion. 

Before I scooted off to Lockerbie I sent a cheque away for my caravan and came home to a lovely message to say it was all ready for us to visit.  I am really excited and am planning a visit this weekend coming before the park shuts for the winter season.  I will have to do a few manic dashes round the shops first though as we need essentials like dishes, cookware and bedding.  Not quite sure where I am going to get the time to get these things though!

Tonight I bought a new car, well new to me anyway, although it is less than a year old.

I had been looking for a while and thought I had found the perfect car.  Sadly it sold just a few days ago and I was quite miffed about it.  As it turned out though it was a good thing as I found the same model but in newer condition and with lower mileage for not much more.  I collect it on Wednesday and having driven it tonight, albeit briefly, it is brilliant!  It makes my current car seem like a tank in comparison, lol.  It will take a bit of getting used to but I am going to enjoy it, it will certainly make the drive to and from the caravan park easier. 

All in all life is pretty good just now, long may it continue.  I will try and take pics of some of the work I did at the retreat and post them through the week, but suffice to say I will be there again in march and am hoping it will be half as good as this one has been. 

I am now away to sit and watch crap tv before having an early night, take care x.

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