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One tired puppy!

on October 26, 2006

That's me.  Getting back into the routine of being up at 6am for work is proving as hard as I thought it would.  I faff about for way too long in the mornings but I need to have my 'routine' in order to face the day and that takes time. 

I am enjoying being back with the children, and am getting caught up with all the things I had planned to have done by now.  One of the activities we were doing today was learning about different types of planning we can do for writing tasks.  The children find planning very difficult but is something they have to be able to do.  I decided to go with a character plan as that fitted in with the writing lesson we are going to do tomorrow.  We did a whole class plan, brainstorming ideas and then organising them into categories to make writing from our plan easier. 

The whole class plan was about a man who had various strange attributes one of which was that he was very hairy.  The children then had to write their own plan about a character of their choice, either real or imaginary.  One of the girls wrote her plan about her mummy who, come parents night, will be delighted to be described as 'not hairy'. Lol!!!  Poor mum, but it reinforces one of the great parts about my job.

The one bit of good news is that the house I am selling has finally been paid for, woo hoo.  So tomorrow I will post off the cheque for the balance of the caravan.  I have never written a cheque for that amount of money before, in fact I don't even want to think about how much money I am spending on something I can't really use until March, it's way too scary!  I am also going to treat myself to a craft robo, I will pay Angela at the retreat so I will be a very happy bunny next week.  I also need to see about getting a new car, before mine gives up the ghost completely, so it's an exciting week ahead, and I haven't bought any craft stuff yet.  I am trying very hard to stick to my stash diet and am deleting all scrapbook emails without reading them, lol!  Not sure if I will make it till January though. 

I am now way past my bedtime so I am off, take care, x.

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