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I will survive

on October 24, 2006

Well I have so far, anyway.  My first day back at work and I got through it, woo hoo me, lol!  Tomorrow will be different as the kids will be back and, no doubt, they will have missed me.  I have to say thanks to the very nice lady who covered my class while I was off as she was very organised and it was easy for me to see what the kids had done and where to go next.

The worst part about going back is everyone being nice to you – I get really upset when folk are nice to me, much more so than when they are horrible.  I know it's weird but there are reasons for it, which I won't bore you with.  I also cry when I hear children singing – there two weird things about me in one go, ain't you the lucky ones!

Yesterday I just faffed about and tried not to stress too much, without a great deal of success I have to say.  I did sleep last night but not well so I am away to watch an hour of rubbish on tv and then it's probably off to bed with a book. 

Before I go I will add one wee pic, a lo I did for my UKS team's challenge last week.  The challenge was to use a quote or title of a piece of work by Oscar Wilde, to use ribbon or ric rac, to hand write the journalling and to use a customised embellishment.  This is what I came up with and I was a bit nervous about it as I haven't done many lo's of Gordon and wasn't sure whether he would like it.  I deliberately chose an unflattering picture and the full title reads " I think he would make an ideal husband but I ain't the marrying kind".  Luckily Gordon really liked it and it got several lovely comments from folk who took the challenge.  I was amazed at the diverse range of quotes chosen as well the variety of lo's.  What a talented bunch of people.  So thanks again to those who did the challenge and if you didn't, give it a try, you might enjoy it.  Take care x

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