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You think you know me …….

on October 21, 2006

……. is the name of an online class I am doing delivered by Shimmelle Laing.  I had taken part in one of her classes previously and thoroughly enjoyed it so I duly signed up for this one.

I have to say that I am enjoying it more than I thought I would as it is all about me, my emotions and feelings, and various things associated with each of ten specified emotions.  Shimmelle herself and many others who are also taking the class have completed their work as part of a mini book specific to this class alone.  I wanted to include mine in my BoM though as a record for my children and grandchildren.  I decided to just work through the emotions as they appear in the workbook provided as that would encourage me to complete them all, whether I was comfortable with them or not.

The book started with happy and so did I and I'm quite peased with the result.  My only regret in including it as part of an ongoing album rather than a separate book is that you are slightly more restricted in what you produce as it's kind of all out there, there's not quite so many places to hide on a 12×12 lo as there are in the pages of a book.  Anyway I was pleased with how happy turned out, although the scan chopped the top of it off. 

The problem with something like this is I am not fond of having my picture taken – ever – by anyone!  Which is sort of a slight drawback when you are trying to leave a record of your life and misadventures for those who may inherit it, lol.  So I decided to have a play with my camera.

There had been many tips from those more skilled in self photography about how to take (bearable) pictures of yourself but I was still having some difficulty so I decided to play with the timer setting and this is what I achieved.  I have to say I am quite pleased with the results so far.  I have managed to print off pictures for stressed ( a very familiar feeling!), angry, sad and curious.  I hope you can guess which is which?

The only other thing I have achieved today is furniture removal and I am very tired.  I have come to the conclusion that I am too old and unfit to move house the way I used to.  The old I can do nothing about and the unfit is taking much longer than it should to rectify so here I will stay for some time to come. 

Today wasn't about me moving though, it was my beloved children.  Since the end of July I have moved all of my children once and my youngest son twice, as well as emptying the house I am selling and distributing my goods and chattels among the three of them.  It is quite complicated and I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say I moved two of my children today and it wasn't a direct swap!  Luckily my son doesn't have as much 'stuff' as his older sister or we would all be in A & E with hernias and strains! 

I consider myself to be a very organised person 

but unfortunately my children are not, none of them.  I phoned them all well in advance to tell them when to be ready and when I got to my youngest son's flat both him and his brother were wandering around not dressed and obviously just out of bed!  I finally managed to get them sorted and the van packed for the first journey and then headed off to my daughter's to make sure she was sorted, as she is usually worse!  Luckily she was ready and had a few extra helpers which made a big difference but it was still hard work and very stressful.  I have told them all in no uncertain terms that if they are moving again to let me know in plenty of time – and I will make sure I am out of the country at the time!!!!!

I will now say goodbye as a spot of knitting in front of something meaningless on the tv is all I am fit for for the rest of today so I will bid you farewell from the madness that is my life.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have the energy to use these pictures in lo's before my courage fails me.  Yes, I do know I am a coward and so far I like it like that, lol.  Take care x

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