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So far, so good

on October 20, 2006

Well so far the stash diet has been working, but I'm going to find this very hard to maintain till

January !  Not long after writing yesterday's decree I got an email from Capture the Magic to say they had the Doodlebug 3" accordian albums in stock.  I had almost ordered one of these from the US just last week as I needed it for an online Doodlebug class I was doing!  So far I have resisted and am thinking about adding it to a Christmas list in the hope I may get it before January, but without having to break my diet.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, lol. 

Recently I have had a notion to make cards.  This is not new as I first became interested in card making a few years ago.  I bought some bits and bobs but my efforts were so awful I quickly gave up and just squirreled the stuff away, as I tend to do.  However thanks to the new card forum on UKS I decided to have another go at it.  I started last night and am quite pleased with the results so far.  I think this may be the right balance for me for when I have no inspiration for scrapping or mini books but want to create something with paper.

  The real test will be other people's reactions when they get them.

This morning I started by hauling out all the bits I thought I had stashed away from previous efforts and I was pleasantly surprised by what I had. The trouble is I now have to think about storage which means spending more money, eek!

Today is a sort of crunch day as it is the last weekday I will be off as I am back to work on Monday.  I am already getting myself wound up at the thought of going back but I really need to.  It will be hard enough to go back as it is but at least with Monday being the in-service day I can steal some time for planning the week ahead, at least I hope I can!

Today is also the 14th day after the missives were signed on the house and still no money.  If the money from the buyers doesn't get to the solicitor today I can back out of the deal completely.  This is a decision that will take some thinking about as it means starting again, but the seemingly endless waiting is causing so much tension within me and in my relationships with those around me.  I really, honestly don't know what to do. 

I have contacted the solicitor, who assures me that the people lending the buyers the money are a reputable company and very trustworthy and they have said several times that the money is on it's way.  However the estate agents assured me that the buyers were very honest and reliable people and that everything would be straightforward, only here we are 3 weeks after everything should have been completed and I am no further forward.  I am however much less trusting, considerably more stressed, and extremely disenchanted.  I wonder if it will be worth it in the end?

On that happy note I better go and check the property is still standing, just in case it does actually become someone else's responsibility at some point.

Take care x

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