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Compulsive? Not me ….. I hope!

on October 18, 2006

This is just a quick update today as I have so much I need to do so not a lot of time for sitting at the computer, sadly. I started the day tidying my vast collection of wool which, up till now, has lived in suitcases under my bed, in gift bags in a cupboard, in two knitting baskets and a few other, long undiscovered places.  It is now sorted into type and colour in these handy baskets and I suddenly realised I had way too much, lol.

I then had to go and check on the house I am selling as it seems to have been targeted by some youngsters, resulting in some graffitti and mess around the door.  On the way I popped into the sorting office to collect a parcel that had arrived over the weekend.  Needless to say it was full of scrapping stash! 

I then detoured via the Paper Mill shop in Livingston and bought some nice paper and glitter as I have had a notion to try card making recently.  Added to this was the money I spent online yesterday buying rubber stamps, something I don't have many of (yet!) and I realised that there was a pattern here.

I am a compulsive buyer of craft goodies and whatever I am enthralled with most at any one time I feel a need to purchase lots of goodies to craft with.  The worst thing is I seldom use all of what I buy so – I am now making an official announcement – I am on a stash diet!!!! 

The only time I am allowed to buy anything crafty between now and January 2007 is at the Luxurious Angels retreat at the end of the month.  I figure that doesn't really count as it is on at the same time as the craft show at the SECC in Glasgow so I can't do both.  This has to be total – no glue (I could sell the stuff!) no nothing, nada, zip, zero. I figure if I make it public like this I am more inclined to stick to it. 

So I am now away to tidy my craft room, sort out my stash and see what I have for the charity auction at the retreat.  I then need to do a cj, which I should have posted on Monday, get it posted and go and visit my daughter and grandaughter. After that – I may even get some time to use some of my accumulated stash, to make room for what I will be buying come January!!!!!

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