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Back to reality

on October 17, 2006

Here I am back in the real world after a totally escapist weekend and ……. I'm not sure I like it much!

The caravan park was wonderfully isolated and was set in a forest that stretched for miles on both sides of the river which joined Loch Tummel and Loch Rannoch.  This pic I took from the top of the park on one of the many walks I took. 

We stopped at Pitlochry on the way there and had a wander, I had forgotten how 'touristy' it was but it's still a lovely town.  We also stopped at Perth on the way home as I wanted a browse in the craft shops, especially the scrapbook shop as I had heard so much about it.  We got there just before 10am which was when it was due to open and left just before five past as it hadn't!  I hadn't given up but Gordon was restless so we decided to go to the stamping shop first. 

The stamping shop was lovely and very well stocked with card making and scrapping stuff and is well worth a visit. I spent a fortune on papers, stamps and bits and bobs.  We then went back to the scrapping shop, which was now open, and staffed by the owner, Angie.  She has the widest range of papers I have ever seen in one place and stocks all the papers from each range along with any sticker/rub ons that go with them and for several ranges she had other embellishments too. The suprising thing was that I hardly spent anything there.  It is a lovely shop but there is no atmosphere and Angie spent to whole time I was there on the phone holding whispered conversations which often included the phrase 'I can't talk just now'.  By the end I felt I very uncomfortable, as though I was in the way.  Despite that I would go back if I was looking for paper or card, but would stick to the stamp shop for any other bits and bobs.

I enjoyed the weekend and the area so much that I put down a deposit on my own caravan in the same park, I just need the people who are buying my house to pay for it and all will be well!

It's actually the whole house thing that is causing so much stress at the moment.  Every day I get a phone call from the solicitor to say "they haven't got the money yet but hopefully tomorrow"!  I don't know how much more I can take of this constant waiting but there is nothing I can do as they have signed the missive and are legally bound to pay for the house. 

Ah well, maybe it really will be tomorrow and I can start to plan for the future, starting with a newer car, before my current one dies on me!  Well, that's all for now folks, take care, x

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