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Flowers and fresh air

on October 13, 2006

Well, another positive day today.  I really feel I am getting back to normal – or what passes for it round here, lol. 

Gordon was going to B&Q this afternoon and I decided to go with him.  Just as we were leaving the door went and there was a young man standing there with a huge bouquet of flowers in his hands. I was sure he was at the wrong house as Gordon would never think to buy me flowers and certainly wouldn't arrange to get them delivered!       However, they were for me and are absolutely gorgeous, as you can see.  It is very kind of the staff and I will be sending them a thank you card asap.  I felt quite emotional. I have to say it is because of the support that I have had that I am recovering so fast.  The last time I was this bad I was housebound for weeks!

Anyway, to get back to the journey to B&Q.  While I was there the bedding plants caught my eye.  I am not much of a gardener, mainly because I have never had the time/money/energy required to achieve and maintain a nice garden.  It has mostly been grass and a few tubs for colour.  In this house though the garden was fairly well maintained, both by the previous owners and Gordon's parents when they lived here.  It is mainly shrubs and rockery plants with a few spring bulbs and autumn crocuses dotted around, oh and the most amazing display of primulas in the spring.

It has become a bit wild and overgrown over the past 16 months but that was how Gordon wanted it.  Over the summer though I started to take control of it and sort out some of the more unruly shrubs and plants and have added a few extras here and there.  I went a bit mad recently buying spring bulbs as the garden doesn't have much that flowers in it apart from some heathers. 

Anyway, I saw some winter pansies, which I absolutely love  and as they were reduced I couldn't resist buying a few (dozen!) and a few other bits and bobs while I was there. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon digging, weeding and planting and really enjoyed it, which I was a bit surprised about.  I have also taken masses of pictures of the garden and am planning on keeping a diary of what grows where and what needs to be moved/split/taken out.  This way the garden should be the way I want it in about 2 years time, worth the wait though I think. 

Tomorrow we are off to Loch Tummel in Perthshire till Monday.  I booked a this weekend ages ago and at the start of the week wanted to cancel it, now I am looking forward to it.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to own my own caravan.  Some people probably think of that as a daft notion but it suits me.  I like the freedom a caravan gives you, more so than a flat or a cottage, in my opinion anyway.  So one of the reasons we are going there is to look at the possibility of buying a caravan, if my house ever sells, well if the people who are contracted to buy my house ever get the money, to be more accurate, but that's another story for another day.

I better go and get organised for tomorrow, take care x

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