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Lows and highs

on October 12, 2006

Another good day in many ways but first I will relate a cautionary tale for those of you who might read this and consider yourselves to be tidy people.

I am not a naturaly tidy person but I absolutely hate mess and chaos so I spend more time than I should trying to keep things orderly in my life.  One of my major hates is a untidy looking desktop on a computer and I am almost obsessive about deleting things I no longer need – often to find I really do need them a few days later, lol. 

Well today that came back and bit me on the bum with a vengeance.  Way back in May or June I applied to be put on the waiting list for a US scrapping kit.  I finally got an email last week to say I could have the kit on subscription and was absolutely delighted.  I dutifully set the account up with paypal as requested and sat back and waited.  Today I got an email from Paypal to say the bank didn't like the direct debit so the money wasn't paid so the subscription was cancelled.  As you can imagine I was less than pleased and immediately phoned the bank, prepared for a battle.

I got a really nice lady on the phone who transferred me to a really nice man who told me I had cancelled the direct debit myself which is why it wasn't paid!  Just as he told me what had happened a large bell clanged in my head and I remember thinking – why am I paying paypal every month? and I clicked the delete button. DUH!!!!! I have emailed the company direct and sorted out all the other bits I could so fingers crossed I can the kit resubscribed.  If not it should certainly stop me from being quite so tidy, for a wee while at least.

On a happier note – I was absolutely delighted to be told I had won a place in the Lippy Chick design team, woo hoo me.  I love these little books and have had a ball recently doing them so this is an added bonus.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done with them too, and the best bit is …. I get to play with them before anyone else now, yeah!

Thank you to Miss Lippy Chick for giving me this opportunity, I just hope I can do it justice.

Well after my looong night last night I am hoping for a full nights sleep tonight, at least until about 6am, 3am is just way too early, I am more crabbit than ever if I don't get my sleep.

Night all and take care,


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