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Just another day …..

on October 10, 2006

…. in the madness of my life.  Not such a good one today, faffed about a lot and didn't achieve much.  I still feel a lot more positive than I did a week ago and I need to hold onto that.  Spent the morning rebuilding a wardrobe as the rail I had my clothes on collapsed – about five minutes after I hung all my newly ironed clothes on it!  Needless to say I haven't ironed anything I wasn't planning on wearing since, lol.

Wardrobe is now complete and clothes are again hung up but they will all need to be ironed again – not something to look forward to.

Michelle told me yesyerday that she is splitting with her boyfriend, not what she needs when the baby is due in January.  I think it's been on the cards for a while but there is nothing I can do to make it any easier except support her as best I can.  The only good thing is that she does have somewhere to go but it is not ideal and she will be quite isolated for much of the time.  Needless to say Sean is not happy as he enjoyed having the flat to himself and I think when Michelle and Katy move in he will move out.  Apart from anything else, it's simply not big enough for two adults and two children.

The only positive thing today is my scrapping.  I have completed another of the Lippy Chick books, this one in BG gypsy and it's for Michelle's Christmas.  I will take pics in the morning and upload it.  I am going to do the next one in Halloween papers, ready just to stick the pics in when I get them. I have a few other Halloween bits I want to do as well so I will see how I go.  I still find Halloween difficult and mum has been gone four years now. It probably wouldn't be so bad if she hadn't made such a thing about being a witch because her birthday was on Halloween, that used to terrify us as kids, which is probably why she did it.

Well that's me for tonight.  Doctors tomorrow, so possibly not a good night's sleep ahead, must remember to find a book to read before heading for bed.

Take care.

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