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One small step …….

on October 8, 2006

….. towards my recovery. 

For those who don't know, I suffer from anxiety and depression which is mostly under control with the help of medication.  Recently there have been a few things that have tipped the balance for me and I am now housebound again.  When things are bad I find it impossible to deal with people, whether I know them or not, outwith my immediate family, and I find it very difficult to leave the house.

Yesterday Gordon decided he wanted some things from Aldi, which is about a ten minute drive away and I said I would try to go with him. Before we left this morning I felt ill and almost asked hom to stop the car a few times but I did it.  That is the farthest I have been in over a week so fingers crossed it's the start of the road back. 

While I was there I treated myself to some gorgeous flowers to remind me in the days ahead that I can do it.

My daughter Michelle is coming over later today with Katy and I am going to try and walk over to meet her half way so fingers crossed.  I am also planning to finish a LO I started last night and to have a go at the challenge LO my team are setting for a forthcoming UKS team challenge.  I have a few ideas for it and am looking forward to seeing what the team come up with.

As far as recovery goes I have a deadline and need to be fit and well for the end of October as I have booked a place at the Luxurious Angels Retreat which takes place in Lockerbie.  The classes and teachers look fantastic and I am so looking forward to a weekend of scrapping and fun with friends old and new. Now if that's not the best reason to get well for I don't know what is, lol.

I am off just now or all these plans will be just that, and won't make it to reality.

Take care x

Just a quick update – I got the challenge LO finished and am really pleased with it and I was able to go and meet my daughter and even drive her back home afterwards.  OK it's only about 15 minutes all round, but it's progress.

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