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Here we go again ……

on October 7, 2006

Welcome to all those who are curious enough to want to read this and those who are just curious but don't want to read this, lol. This is actually my third attempt at organising a blog so hopefully it's third time lucky. 

I used to think I was fairly computer literate, and compared to some people I am, but the whole blog thing had me tied up in knots.  It's my own fault as I had tried to run before I could walk and ended up trying to use a provider whose product was way in advance of what I needed and could cope with.  So here I am, and hopefully here I will stay.

I am now away to fiddle with other bits of this and hopefully I will be ready to unleash it on an unsuspecting public very soon ……  watch this space, but please …… don't hold your breath!

Well, I am back, quicker than I expected.  So far, so good with the blog but here is a test, I am gong to try and upload a picture.  It's a LO I did last night of Katy, my youngest grandaughter.  It came out of nowhere and is the first spontaneous LO I have managed in ages, so fingers crossed. 

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